Throttled switch

Version: 1.0

System: Mac OS X

Licence: Freeware

Release: December 21, 2005

Author: Denis Bajram

Released under the GPL, Throttled is the only open source bandwidth shaping application for Mac OS X.

Taking advantage of the advanced unix architecture of Mac OS X has allowed an high level of bandwidth control.

Throttled switch is an easy way to lauch and stop the throttled process.

This is a package of two little applications :

Start to lauch throttled
Stop to stop it.


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Welcome to this software repository. All programs published here are free of charge. Enjoy!


Who develops these softwares ?

My name is Denis Bajram and I'm french. I code utilities, scripts or plugins for my private use or that of those around me since my childhood in the 80s. I have always published the most presentable ones in case where it might help other people. But my main activity is writter and cartoonist of comic book. You can discover my creations here:

Are these software really free?

Yes, all my softwares are available for free (although you can make a donation). While they can be useful, they are obviously not as advanced as commercial tools would be. So, by downloading any of them, you agree to a simple request: please not complain about their imperfections 😅.

Are these softwares really safe?

I have used them without problem for months before going public. These programs are not signed and notarized by Apple simply because I see no reason to pay every year for an expensive Apple developer account just to create apps for my personal use. However, if the donations become large, I might think about it.